Penny Burnett is a Tasmania-based artist who’s paintings focus on our relationship with space and nature through the motif of the garden. Penny’s art practice works to reveal the tensions between nature and culture, authority and agency, and to bring the viewer’s attention to the experience of looking.

Formally trained in the atelier method at the National Art School in Sydney, Penny is versed in the painterly gestural language of rendering space. In her studio she brings her skills into a speculative terrain to question the threshold between agency and control in the visual language of paint. In her paintings, Penny seeks to disrupt spatial relationships within her compositions where her paintings combine painterly codes to create discordances that both repel and intrigue.

Penny Burnett has an active art practice and broad exhibition record, particularly in Tasmania and New South Wales, most recently, she completed her PhD at the University of Tasmania, and won the 2018 Bay of Fires Art Prize.

Dr Penny Burnett has just returned from a new international residency program between Arts Tasmania and the Jeju Foundation for Arts and Culture exploring South Korea’s Jeju Island.  Where she spent six weeks connecting with the island’s arts and cultural sector, in a bid to gain cultural understanding and build upon and expand her artistic practice.  This residency has been  catalyst for a new body of work, where the initial impressions were exhibited at Art Space IAa, Jeju South Korea, February 2019.

Penny Burnett is represented by DESPARD GALLERY

Email: hobart@despard-gallery.com.au