23 June – 8 July
  ǀ 304 McCarrs Creek Road Terrey Hills 2084 ǀ Sat-Sun: 10-4pm ǀ



New works by Penny Burnett (Tasmania), Michelle Perrett (resident artist at Eramboo), Sha Sarwari (Victoria) and Eunice McAllister (Northern Beaches). Once again another four artists have responded to a discussion about our continuous drive to consume materials and technologies. They observe and question the constant pressure to keep up, to strive and accomplish, while yearning to achieve a balance and live peacefully and harmoniously in our chosen worlds. These artists explore through visualising how to create a balance between nature and human desires and ethics. They ask, how do we quieten our cravings and feel satisfied with what we already have? Or how did shopping in the temple of the mall become part of our identity? Or if you are a refugee and all your possessions are gone – what sustains you and brings back a sense of belonging? Some artists acknowledge that making art from man-made and found materials also makes us part of the problem. But artists are also a part of the solution, bringing the positive side of human ingenuity to help solve waste and reassignment problems globally, now and into the future.



Penny Burnett

Constant Craving to me is a negotiation between control and wildness in paint. Where the viewer not only sees the object in front of them, but also engages in an ‘in-between’ space of ocular registration and imagination. By using the motif of the garden my aim is to expose tensions between nature and culture, authority and agency. Gardens occupy this threshold between form and wildness; navigating the primal urge to break free from containment whilst acknowledging its support. Universal to all gardens is this oscillation that sets up a perpetual state of flux, where one moment the garden is controlled and serene and the next it is a wilderness straining to break out. It is this ‘in-between’ space I am trying to capture with paint.



Constant Craving I, II, III (earth, wind and fire ), 2018

Oil on masonite, Tondo 30cm diameter



Jardin d’Eau 2017

Oil on masonite 45cm x 45cm



Ode to Illawarra Flame Tree 2017

Oil on masonite 60cm x 60 cm



Garden of Reverie 2017

Oil on masonite 60cm x 60cm