Disruptive Epoch, 2018

Disruptive Epoch, 2018

Disruptive Epoch, 2018


Materials: Oil on Masonite,

Dimensions:1500 x 950 x 950 mm

Penny Burnett and Sara Lindsay


Disruptive Epoch is the outcome of two divergent practitioners collaborating. Both are interested in pushing spatial boundaries within their respective fields, painting and object design, into a cohesive new form, yet together Burnett and Lindsay produce collaborative artworks from their disparate practices that are stronger, more meaningful, richer and more diverse than when they work as individuals. This collaborative strength embodies resilience: the ability to respond to adversity without breaking.


This sculptural seed pod can be seen as an amalgamation of Punctuated Equilibrium, the evolutionary term indicative of a spurt of rapid change, and of Resilience, where the organic surface and crystalline strength are reflective of these concepts.


This work forms a Rhombic Polyhedral – a series of rhombic painted masonite shapes that have been sequenced into complex arrangement of equal sides to develop a crystalline and resilient three-dimensional structure.  The process is one of meticulous planning, design, measurement and control.  The paradox of this process is the organic activation of the surface of the masonite through paint. The intention is to challenge visual and spatial perceptions, to bring an elemental resonance that is raw and basic; a deliberate stripping back and visual simplification of the landscape as a form.  The materiality and chemical elements of the medium, in particular the pigments, resonate with the minerals of the earth: ochre, copper, oxides and cadmium. These are not just colours, but also elementary materials.


This tension between the agency of the surface and the control emphasised by the sharpness of the geometric edges brings a strange synergy between form, visceral engagement and spatial ambiguity that echoes the process of Punctuated Equilibrium evolving towards greater strength and Resilience.


Disruptive Epoch is an optimistic work, offering opportunities to not only consider the form as object but as a reflection of strength in our organic world.