Walk 8 min, bus 360 (8 stops), 240 (18 stops), walk 15 min, 2018

Walk 8 min, bus 360 (8 stops), 240 (18 stops), walk 15 min, 2018


oil on ply


Diameter 35cm


This painting is a montage of several snapshot whilst climbing the Yeongsil and Eorimok trails. I was impressed with how many local families were doing the climb and the huge age range of the climbers.  I found the hike physical very challenging, as well as emotionally, having just learnt of the many people who had fled to the mountain for shelter during the uprising had lost their lives. This was amplified by the legend of the grief of the 500 generals and the annual display of the blood red and royal azaleas.


Throughout my time in Jeju I had tried to understand how special and deeply personal this site is for the local people. Then I had my own special moment hiking this region, on my last day in Jeju on the Seongpanak trail. I was intoxicated by the beauty of the autumn display whilst struggling with the rocky steep path when I came upon two elderly blind people, both being gently led by family members, one a young boy and the other a grandmother, slowly making the accent. Clearly these people had been climbing for hours, I was humbled and moved beyond measure – catching a glimpse of something far more significant, something normal vision cannot see.



“This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts”.